Thought of the Day …

I refrain from labelling myself any colour. This habit of dividing ourselves into racial groups under our nationality is nothing more than an insidious way to fuel the race debate.

When discussing nationality, I am Australian. Nothing more, nothing less.

When discussing genetics/cultural background, I am a Gael, nothing more, nothing less.

We are all “indigenous” to somewhere. I am an “Australian born Gael”. I am a human.

I am indigenous to Ireland, and my people were oppressed, raped, murdered, starved and disenfranchised. Forced from our lands with our laws, languages and culture outlawed. We were forced to leave, transported for petty crimes, or the major crime of resisting the invaders. More of our people left because conditions had become so tenuous that they had no recourse but to find a new life in far-away lands.

I was born in Australia after 4-6 generations (depending on which branch of the family tree is discussed) of my people living here and carving out a new life. This new life included some of my Ancestors marrying into the local population.

When I see stories/posts discussing “indigenous” issues, I often ask myself why the writer feels the need to address that issue? This is especially true if the same writer has;

a) no real connection to the indigenous population they comment on and,

b) have never made an issue out of their own cultural heritage and the ills that befell their own people.

It is great to see that people campaigning for the betterment of other humans, but one should own one’s own people, languages and culture first. This then lends credibility in other areas.

Lón machnaimh!

AJ Sends